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Within the framework of our Innovation Fund we invest in start-up projects, spin-offs and management buy-outs. We pursue a strictly entrepreneurial investment strategy.

In our joint ventures with idea providers, entrepreneurs and managers we act not as financiers, but as co-entrepreneurs. Following this creed, this usually means we only invest when we are able to take over the majority of the shares – and when our strategic interests correspond to those of the joint entrepreneurs. We make entrepreneurial, rather than speculative, investment decisions, and with every company we are intensively focussed on real customer projects right from the beginning: a strategy that is known by the term “bootstrapping”, which fosters a strong start-up culture and always bears the risks (the 'downside') in mind along with the potential.

While the managers of traditionally-financed start-ups very often lose their strategic focus in the heat of battle – or in the fight for follow-on financing – our actions and resources ensure that the managers’ eye can always remain focussed on what really matters. In parallel with this, we also act as an operational sparring partner and strategic think tank: we are convinced that normal decisions can only mature into outstanding decisions through joint discourse. Operationally we induce continuous innovation processes, provide support in international business development, and drive the personnel and organisational development that is particularly important prior to major leaps in growth.
EOSS’ unlimited entrepreneurial engagement, which is also clearly expressed externally by means of our majority shareholding, helps our companies gain a leap of faith from potential large clients – and subsequently also results in growth spurts. We also deliberately induce growth spurts through the combination of organic and inorganic growth: with our Buy&Build-approach, we complement our businesses with technologies or teams that we buy on the market and carefully integrate into the corporate culture. Through these growth spurts companies can reach a relevant size faster, and can drive forward the internationalisation of the business. Our many years’ experience on the Mergers & Acquisitions market – and the screening of hundreds of projects a year – secures a substantial initial advantage for both us and our businesses.

And finally, the time element is also a major part of our investment strategy: we pursue an “evergreen” approach, which means we are not bound by fund terms or holding periods. Compared to classic VC/PE funds, this also enables us to be involved in more defensive projects, where the upside is restricted in favour of lower risk. These projects promise continuous yields over longer terms.

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