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2018 Press :: EOSS Industries

"Am I the best for the job? - That's the key question. " A good idea alone is not enough for success. Innovation investment specialist Thomas Erkinger speaks about the long journey from the business idea to a successful realization. // 05.2018 impuls.st
With entrepreneurial spirit to sustainable corporate values. // 28.02.2018 Raiffeisenbank

2018 Press :: EOSS Group

If Bello & Co are excited to see the postman, Zooblitz can be a good reason for that. Zooblitz would like to become the most innovative pet supplier in Austria. // 09.2018 Kronen Zeitung
Dog, cat & Co. should eat more local feed in future. The trend towards online shopping in Germany is being countered by the Styrian online retailer Zooblitz. The aim of the company is to become the largest Austrian online shop, driven through innovations // 08.06.2018 Kronen Zeitung
A german interview about the Innophore GmbH start-up called “Partner für das Eiweiß-Google” tells the story of the foundation of Innophore GmbH together with the strategic investor EOSS Industries. // 03.2018 FFG Impulse
EOSS Industries, from Graz in Austria, sells internationally successful test automation solutions provider Ranorex to Texas software company. // 04.01.2018 Kleine Zeitung

2017 Press :: EOSS Industries

EOSS Industries from Graz, Austria, follows a different philosophy At the beginning there was also an EXIT. // 31.05.2017 SPIRIT

2017 Press :: EOSS Group

After three years of research, Innophore has developed an enzyme Google and launches the marketing now. The Catalophore system can filter out enzyme functions from tens of thousands of structural data. // 07.2017 Austrian Life Sciences
Genspeed has developed a compact rapid testing system for on-the-spot diagnostics. It is the largest investment to date brokered by the i2 Business Angels initiative of Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft (aws). // 06.11.2017   der brutkasten 


Industry is making increasingly frequent use of enzymes for the manufacture of drugs and chemicals, but researching these is time-consuming and expensive. “Enzyme-Google” offers help here. It represents a combination of a database and a search engine. The Catalophore search filters out enzyme functions from a repository of thousands of items of structural data, and can find catalytic capacities that have never before been described. // 29.08.2017 SFG


Scientific progress and economic exploitation in the life sciences cannot function without the brainpower of the employees at universities and research centres. // 04.04.217 Just   Magazin 


Up to 500 types of bacteria can be found in the oral cavity, and detecting these bacteria often takes several days. In future a system developed by a company from the Austrian state of Upper Austria will be able to display a result within 20 minutes. // 07.02.2017 ORF 


The investor EOSS Industries made it possible for Greiner Bio-One to spin off GENSPEED from its diagnostics division. GENSPEED offers rapid tests based on the patented GENSPEED technology, which has been further developed together with project partners in cooperation projects within the medical technology cluster of the Upper Austrian agency Business Upper Austria. // 31.01.2017 BIZ

2016 Press :: EOSS Industries 

The Styrian EOSS Industries Holding GmbH is growing discreetly yet consistently to become a substantial conglomerate of around 20 companies and more than 1,000 employees. The Holding Manager, Thomas Erkinger (38), talks about an exceptional business model, sustainable growth strategies and the question of whether managers are the best entrepreneurs. // 31.05.2016 Business Monat


NEW BUSINESS – With its pioneering projects in less-developed markets, the Development Bank of Austria (OeEB) is gathering expertise and building up contacts – and becoming the door-opener for Austrian companies. // 31.05.2016 OeEB

2016 Press :: EOSS Group

Technology from Graz safeguards trains in the desert.
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Trains in Saudi Arabia become bogged down by extreme heat and sandstorms, but wireless technology from Styria is helping to monitor the safety of railway carriages. RFID antennae in the Saudi Arabian desert receive safety data from the trains. // 30.11.2016 Kleine Zeitung


4.0-Mekka or Mekka 4.0? Thanks to the innovations from the RFID specialist “7iD Technologies”, this Graz-based high-tech developer is becoming the driver of a networked world. The CEOs Gerhard Gangl and Alexander Brandl discuss the secret of the success of the incubator for innovations, breaking into new markets and what connects car-building in Cologne with counting sheep on the Hajj. // 31.07.2016 Business Monat


According to the “Kleine Zeitung” daily (Saturday issue), Österreichische Post is taking over 30 percent of the Styrian company ACL (Advanced Commerce Labs), which specialises in e-commerce and online retail. The sole owner up till now was EOSS Industries, a Graz holding company. // 03.07.2016 der Standard


RFID achieves 100 percent coverage of the Ford loading process
In 2010 Ford rolled out an RFID solution from 7iD for its car distribution channel at its Cologne site, in order to optimise its internal loading processes. In 2013 the system was expanded to include consignment by ship, and in 2015 the last phase of the project was completed with the system being connected to railway transport. Gerhard Gangl talks about challenges, processes and the benefits of the technology solution. // 30.04.2016 RFID im Blick

2015 Press :: EOSS Industries

The Styrian EOSS Industries is constructing a digital radio network for the public authorities in Montenegro. The project is being partly financed by Österreichischen Entwicklungsbank. // 24.08.2015 Wirtschaftsblatt

2015 Presse :: EOSS Group

Life-saving network” is a flagship project
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Montenegro on 16 May, Montenegro’s Deputy Prime Minister University Professor, Vujica Lazovic, and the Austrian ambassador, his excellency Dr. Johann Fröhlich, held a press conference to highlight the outstanding cooperation between the government and its PPP partner EOSS Industries. // 31.05.2015 Wireless Montenegro


The individualisation of products requires investments in production, and is driving the use of RFID – increasingly also across the boundaries between sectors. // 30.04.2015 RFID im Blick 

With entrepreneurial spirit to sustainable Corporate values